Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Power of Movement

As a leader, I find myself constantly moving. Actually, it probably has nothing to do with being a leader, I think it's more about who I am as a person.

"You're always on the go, Amy."
"Are you ever home?"
"When do you stop?"
"I was going to call you, but I figured you were off doing something fun."
"I cannot keep up with you! Don't you get tired?"

These are common questions and comments that I hear on a fairly regular basis. Moving. It is a part of who I am, and for me, it's the only way I know how to function. I love being on the go, surrounded by people who fuel me, and sharing positive energy with others.

I've spent the last three days at Skywalker Ranch participating in an incredible learning opportunity with 80 other administrators. CUE Rockstar Admin. Holy cow - what a journey.

Move Alone. 

Some attendees are here with a team, and others appeared to be lone rangers until they quickly made new friends. For me, I'm getting to live the best of both worlds. One of my closest principal friends, @chaugen, who I "principal" with in Petaluma is on faculty at Rockstar, but for the majority of the time, I've been able to float around as a lone ranger. I'm rarely alone, so this has allowed me to really quiet myself, reflect more than usual, and realize the power of movement.

Moving Closer to Leaders Who Make Me Better

Todd Sandwich! YES! 
@PrincipalUMS & @tsschmidty 

Although I had to beg these two for a "Todd Sandwich" picture, I can't get enough of being in the presence of leaders who make me better. Just knowing that we're all in this together, despite the fact that we rarely get the chance to spend time together, is rejuvenating. The little bits of wisdom, the new ideas, the reminder that we're making strides in the right direction because it's "good for kids" is more than enough to fill my bucket. Besides the dynamic faculty at Rockstar, the small but mighty list of attendees is also an incredibly talented and passionate group of educators.

Move Out of Comfort Zones

In each of the 7 sessions I've attended, the lead learner has expected me to move out of my comfort zone. In fact, sometimes we were even told explicitly, "All I care about is that you do something out of your comfort zone." In thinking about this, although it can feel uncomfortable for a few moments, I think it's SO critical that as educators we constantly force ourselves to feel this level of discomfort. We do it to our students ALL the time. We expect them to learn something new, try something hard, persevere, and too often as educators, I don't think we acknowledge how hard that can feel.
Me w/ Brian BriggsLisa DeLapo, & Catina Haugen 
Stop Moving

Yep, I would bet money on the fact that most of us should probably do this more often. Even me. It's been fun to watch so many of my busy friends find little corners in random rooms, sit down, and just soak up the scenery here at Big Rock Ranch. Being "on the go" doesn't always serve me well if I don't take the time to stop from time to time and reflect. A goal for myself after this experience will be to stop moving from time to time and reflect on my practice.
View from a boat ride a group of us took after the 
event to soak it all in.
My Fav: Moving for Fun! 

Enter Jennifer Kloczko! Oh my goodness, girl! On Saturday, Jen showed up to inspire us all and set the tone for day 3. Let me just say that she ROCKED it. Literally. With her stereo on wheels in tow, her disco ball attached to the top, and a super fun movement activity from Go Noodle, Jen had the whole theater of educators (except for Todd Feinberg - lame!) dancing, smiling, and singing! What a great reminder that movement is all around us. 

Alone. Together. In new places. Just for fun. Movement: it's powerful.

My Sparkle Sis, @jkloczko. xo 
One of my new fav principal friends, Tracey Allen!

Fav tweet from the event: 


  1. So when I Vox you and say, we are going to sit down and reflect at the same time at different schools you have to say yes. Great post.

  2. Very odd how Amy singles me out for not dancing... I was dancing so intensely that I had to take a breather at the exact moment she looked back in my direction. You want a dance off? You'll get a dance off!

    1. Haha, glad she didn't mention that I wasn't dancing either. Had to start my slide deck. :-)

  3. Yes, yes and yes! I love conferences because they give me the opportunity to connect and network, but also to be alone with my thoughts. We so rarely have that opportunity.