Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Tech This Year. #reflectiveteacher Day 2

My small contribution to the Reflecting Teaching: A 30 Day Blogging Challenge for Teachers.

Hold me accountable: My Nexus 7 and Feedly. 

This year, I have a new toy thanks to the amazing Google for Education team and the Google Teacher Academy.  Meet my Nexus 7.

The first device I've EVER put a sticker on - still cringing inside.

I feel like I should name this bad boy. Any suggestions?  Having a Nexus 7 feels super glamorous I just have to say. Being that I have plenty of devices, this just feels excessive. In my house currently, I have an iPad given to me by my last 2nd grade class, a Chromebook, a huge Dell laptop, a MacBook Air, and a MacBook Pro, I mean it's kind of ridiculous. 

What I love about this Nexus is that I don't know anything about it. It will be my first Android device in YEARS. Learning about my Nexus is going to push me to be curious, patient, and well, patient. (Not my strong suit.) I am sure there are all sorts of great things I'll learn to do on my Nexus but what I'm most excited to do is finally set up my Feedly account just the way I want it.  I love reading and I love writing but I dream about the day when I can sit on my couch in the evenings and scan through new blog posts, articles, and other topics of interest on Feedly. Yes, I realize I could do this on my other devices but for some reason, my Nexus is just screaming, "Feedly!" to me! And there you have it. Those are my tech integration goals of the year. Simple, but hearty.  If you read yesterday's post, guess what?!  I asked lots of questions today! SCORE!

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  1. Have "T" root the Nexus 7 for you... Then, you will truly know and feel the "awesome" powers of Android.