Monday, February 10, 2014

Just a Quick One...

It's Monday, February 10th.  Our school is out today in observance of Lincoln's birthday.  Two back to back three day weekends - SUPER! Usually, on days "off", I pack my calendar with as many things as I possibly can.  I have a sickness like that.  Today however, I only allowed myself to calendar three things.  

#1 A date with myself at one of my favorite local coffee shops: Marin Coffee Roasters in San Anselmo.  I love this little town of San Anselmo.  The sweet little shops, the bicyclists (minus the spandex), the cute old men reading their newspapers on the streets, it's just adorable.  Today's goal at the coffee shop has been to catch up on my "personal" emails.  I have been really bad lately at neglecting my personal emails and focusing too much on the work emails. Although I did LOVE the email from my Superintendent this weekend asking me a Twitter question.  #ifeltspecial 

#2 My next stop of the day is Grilly's Mexican Food in Fairfax.  Best chicken quesadilla in Marin.  I've already placed my "to go" order and I'm headed there in just a moment before dropping in on one of my besties at Brookside Elementary School!  For all you teachers, you KNOW how exciting it is to have real food from the "outside world" brought to you at school so today, I'm making @jenny_derby's dreams come true! If I'm lucky, I think I might even catch a few minutes in her classroom of "family life". #5thgradeexcitement I'm looking forward to hanging with her students, seeing their hard work plastered all over the walls of their classroom and then spending time with Jenny and some of my old colleagues during their lunch hour.

#3 Warriors Game Baby! Tonight, I'm heading to Oakland with my wonderful office manager, Nicole.  We're going to enjoy the perks of the Oracle Arena thanks to a generous friend who scored me some fantastic tickets.  I've been to a few Warriors games this season and I've enjoyed every single one of them.  However, tonight's game is going to be a highlight because I get to spend uninterrupted time with Nicole.  Nicole stepped in as our office manager this October after our beloved Margaret retired.  Margaret had been the office manager at Penngrove for 20 years so you can imagine the void she left and the wisdom she took with her.  That being said, Nicole has been a boost of youthful, exhilarating energy who compliments my style of leadership quite nicely. We are a great team and I rely on her more than she probably knows.  Nicole and I rarely have time to sit and talk like normal adults without interruptions and knocks on the door.  No really, I'm not kidding.  One Friday evening, we locked the office doors, turned off the lights and sat UNDER her desk talking for a solid 30 minutes.  I don't know what I'll do with 5 hours of Nicole and Amy time but I'm really excited to treat one of my hardest working employees to a night of fun and adventure, and hey, who doesn't love a little Steph Curry right? #30 

This post definitely isn't as flashy, intense, or inspirational as some of my other posts have been but reflecting on today, brings me back to the title of my blog. Give. Risk. Learn. Trust. Today, I'm giving myself a break. I'm giving my time and energy to a couple people in my life who I value.  I'm risking a harder week ahead because I'm refusing to "work" today. I'm learning to do less, because sometimes, less really is more.  And I'm trusting that in the end, everything is going to come out alright.  


  1. Short, sweet and poignant. Keep up the good work! Time 'off' is such a misnomer. It's always time ON... and always meaningful. See you soon.

  2. Someday I will learn to end blogposts as well as you do. Until then, happy to learn watching you. Keep writing!